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To regain your lost hair, choose Aplus Hair Transplant, which is an expert in hair transplantation.

Special Planting Operations

In addition to hair transplantation, we also offer beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantations.

Hair Treatments

In order to prevent hair loss problems for both women and men, we offer Autologous Micrograft, mesotherapy and PRP treatments.

As Aplus Hairtransplant, our priority is to be an international Hair Transplant Clinic based on perfect customer satisfaction while respecting the environment, and professional ethics.

Our priority is to maximize your satisfaction by bringing hygienic conditions to the optimum level, without compromising the quality management system, and getting the hair of your dreams.

Our approach is to offer different solutions to each of our patients’ hair problems with personalized approaches. We aim to be a hair transplant clinic that not only provides a medical treatment but also includes supportive and protective additional services that requires.

Why Aplus Hair Transplant?

Expert Team

Pain Free Hair Transplantation

Maximum Graft


Dr. Aslı Şimşek AZLAR

Hello, I am Doctor Aslı ŞİMŞEK AZLAR. With my professional experience of up to 20 years, I am looking forward to help you with hair loss problems with my expert team.

Today, it is possible to reach all kinds of information through the written and visual media and the internet. Unfortunately, not every information found online should be trusted. Most of the time information found on the internet is wrong or misjudged. We suggest you to talk directly with a professional with your hair loss problems.In order for you to evaluate hair transplantation solutions correctly, I would be happy to assist you by providing accurate information about hair transplantation in our clinic.



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