A Plus Hair Transplantation Center has been operating in Erenkoy region of Istanbul since 2004. Since its establishment, it has been continuously improving itself with its team and adopted the mission of renewing itself every day including its working ethic based on its principles. As A Plus hair transplantation center, we have become one of the best hair transplantation clinic in the world with its ultra hygienic surgery rooms and expert doctors and hair transplantation personnel.


Our goal is to contribute to the health education of patients and their relatives, thus the whole society, by serving with personnel who have the knowledge and experience to do their job well and correctly.


Our Mission; to enlighten all patients and their relatives who come to us with necessary information, to ensure unlimited patient safety, to use contemporary, modern and up-to-date methods in our services.


As Aplus Hair Transplant, we renew ourselves with continous in-service training and is operated with a well-trained manpower, offers the highest quality health service in the aesthetics and hair transplantation sector with its advanced technological equipment .

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Dr. Emine DEMİR

Hello, I am Doctor Aslı ŞİMŞEK AZLAR. With my professional experience of up to 20 years, I am looking forward to help you with hair loss problems with my expert team.

Today, it is possible to reach all kinds of information through the written and visual media and the internet. Unfortunately, not every information found online should be trusted. Most of the time information found on the internet is wrong or misjudged. We suggest you to talk directly with a professional with your hair loss problems. In order for you to evaluate hair transplantation solutions correctly, I would be happy to assist you by providing accurate information about hair transplantation in our clinic.

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