PRP is a serum obtained from the patient himself. After blood is drawn from the person, the blood is centrifuged and separated. This method is applied to the hair as well as to the face. The most important issue that patients wonder about in hair application is "Does PRP prevent hair loss?" is the answer to the question. We will ask the answer to this question in our blog post. 

Does PRP Really Work?

15 minutes after PRP treatment, cytokines and growth factors become active. It begins to repair hair strands. PRP really works and you start to feel its effects gradually. You will observe the change from the first day. After 1 week, the improvement in your hair becomes obvious. After 1 month, the effect of PRP is completely evident. 

Does PRP Grow Hair?

When PRP is applied properly, it produces good results on the hair. A properly done procedure will affect hair growth. PRP acts as a nutrient for hair follicles. Supports existing hair follicles. There are hair follicles that do not grow due to insufficient nutrition on the scalp, and PRP plays a role in the growth of hair follicles. Especially effective results are obtained in male pattern hair loss. PRP, which prevents hair follicles from shrinking and disappearing over time, slows hair loss by prolonging the process. It is known that the growth factors in Hair PRP Treatment create the following effects:

  • Epidermal Growth: Stimulates keratin and fiber production and regulates cell growth.
  • Growth Factor Conversion: It plays a role in the growth of new blood vessels.
  • Vascular Endothelial Growth: Triggers the growth of blood vessels in the existing vascular system.
  • Fibroblast Growth: It repairs tissue and supports granulation.
  • Platelet Derived Growth: Provides collagen growth. It promotes proteoglycan synthesis and attracts macrophages and fibroblasts to the treatment site. 
  • Keratinocyte Growth: Optimizes conditions for keratinocyte migration, differentiation and proliferation. 

Hair comes out of small wells called follicles. After the hair comes out of the follicle, it grows and falls out and new hair grows. Losing 150-200 strands of hair a day is normal. The follicle, called the hair root, does not fall out and remains on the skin. But it doesn't fulfill its function. The problem with hair loss is that the lost hair is not replaced by a new one. This means that the follicles go into sleep mode. Thanks to the PRP application, the dormant follicles are awakened and hair growth is achieved. However, if the hair loss area is large and the follicles are no longer awake, PRP will not work. In this case, hair transplantation should be done. 

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