PRP is used in the treatment of hair loss, in people with thinning hair and in men and women who experience male pattern hair loss. It is a method that works for anyone with thinning hair. In such procedures, patients are curious about the benefits of the procedure and the change it will create for themselves, as well as the side effects of the application. A lot of research is done to detect the side effects of the application. Although minor side effects of itching are seen in many medical applications, PRP is not one of these applications. It is an application that is completely safe and has no side effects. In this blog post, we wanted to share with you the information about the benefits and side effects risks of PRP. 

Benefits of Hair PRP Process

In PRP hair application, weakened and thinned hair is repaired. Hair roots are thickened. It contributes to obtaining voluminous hair. The advantages of PRP hair treatment are as follows;

  • It is restorative against hair loss.
  • Repairs hair texture.
  • It encourages hair growth.
  • It helps to revitalize dormant hair follicles.
  • Increases the vitality of the hair follicle. 
  • Repairs thinning and weakened hair. 

PRP Hair Treatment Results

Considering the results of PRP hair treatment, successful results are encountered to a large extent. It turns out that the problem of hair loss is largely eliminated. After the treatment is completed, it is possible to continue to see the benefit with a reapplication once a year. After 3 sessions, the hair becomes thicker and the shedding decreases, as well as the shine of the hair increases. With the completion of the treatment, hair loss completely disappears. 

Are There Any Side Effects of Hair PRP Procedure?

PRP application has no known side effects. Since the risk of infection is almost non-existent, it is an application that can be safely preferred. 

Are There Risks of Hair Prp Treatment?

PRP hair strengthening is injected into the problematic hair area of the person himself, with the processes performed in the person's own blood. It does not contain drugs or foreign substances. Therefore, it does not cause an allergic situation that will cause a risk. 

Those who have PRP hair treatment are very satisfied with the procedure. There is a solution to the problem of hair loss, while the vitality and volume of the hair appear visibly. Hair starts to look healthier and brighter by getting thicker. If you want to learn more about PRP, you can find answers to your questions by visiting our PRP application page. 

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