Many individuals have hair problems. Many reasons such as genetic predisposition, stress, thyroid diseases, chronic diseases, iron deficiency, some medications, poor quality nutrition and use of poor quality products trigger hair loss.


Autologous micro-graft provides successful results in most of the hair problems in both men and women. Especially when it is applied in the early period when the hair problem is just beginning, the shedding decreases and comes to its normal course, and the baldness is postponed to advanced ages or it completely prevents the problem of baldness. Although the results vary from person to person, it is used as an effective method.

Autologous micro-graft treatment is also a good option for those who do not want to have a hair transplant. Although it is not an alternative to transplantation, it is an effective treatment method, especially for women who need to have transplantation but do not plan to have it.

This method is very comfortable and is performed using local anesthesia in a clinical setting. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the application.


With treatment, a large capillary regeneration begins to occur first. Although it varies from person to person, the effect begins to be seen after 3 to 4 months. It visually shows its real effect after 6 months.

It is completely natural and has no harmful effects. With this technique, in which our own cells are used, the scalp and existing hair density are improved and new hair follicles are grown.

This application allows the hair to return to its normal cycle. Thus, since it also increases the density and thickness of the hair, it brings hair loss to its normal course. By triggering new hair formation, it allows us to obtain a better image.

It can also be preferred as an additional treatment to hair transplantation when necessary. Thus, the recovery time will be much faster. It minimizes complications and provides effective results in a very short time.

Autologous micro-graft treatment can be applied regardless of male or female and is an effective treatment method for both.


  • Protecting and revitalizing one's existing hair
  • Thickening and strengthening long but weak hair
  • Thickening the hair strands in those with many hairy strands
  • Activating the inactive hair cells under the scalp and removing them above the scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to understand your suitability for hair transplantation, you must go through a doctor's evaluation. Your doctor will direct you to a hair transplant attempt or other treatment options after performing the necessary analysis. Tests to be Done Before Hair Transplantation, Determination of Blood Type, CBC (Complete Blood Count), Biochemistry (routine), PTZ-APTT (Coagulation), PT-PTT-INR (Coagulation test), HBs Ag, Anti HBC, Anti HIV. As a result of these tests, your suitability for hair transplantation is understood. On the other hand, if there is no skin disease in the hairy area, it should be treated. Your suitability for hair transplantation is examined by a specialist in our polyclinic.

Since hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia or with sedation, pain is not felt. Here, the patient's pain threshold is also important. A slight pain is felt during anesthesia. After anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain.

Hair transplantation is a process that takes between 6 and 8 hours.

The transplanted hair starts to fall out within 15 days. The patient recovers. From the 3rd month, the hair starts to grow slowly. However, in 5-6 months, most of the hair will come out. Hair growth and thickening continue for up to 1 year.

Since the donor area for hair transplantation is the area coded not to fall out, the hair taken from that area and transplanted to the top and front area will not shed for life.

Hair Treatments

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PRP Hair treatment is the separation of some blood taken from the person into its components after a centrifugation process, enriching it in terms of platelets and injecting the obtained serum into the scalp.

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